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Hope for the Heavy Heart:
For the War-Weary and the Heaven-bent:

Revised Edition

…is a collection of prose that will inspire and encourage you with virtually every page you read. As the title suggests, it is especially geared for those with heavy hearts; however, living this difficult life in which we all find ourselves, it can provide rich support and spiritual nourishment for anyone. Visit the book link directly below to read an excerpt.

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Wind in My Wings:
A Collection of Poems for the War-Weary

You find yourself with a few hours on a slow, lazy Sunday afternoon, and you look for something to read. Something not too long, but something that’s catchy and meaningful. Why not reach for Wind in my Wings, a collection of teaching poetry that is sure to uplift and inspire, where you will be surprised to find yourself relating to nuggets of truth and honesty about life in general. Go to the book link below for more exciting information on this book, including samples of the poetry.

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