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Having Trouble Trusting God ?

“In God We Trust.” It’s on coins, it’s in the advice we hear: just put your trust in God. But is it that easy? When the spiritual “wind and waves” are surging around us, we can long to hear the words Jesus spoke when the disciples were afraid for their lives, “Quiet! Be Still!” (Mark 4:39; NIV).

Hope for the Heavy Heart: For the War-Weary and the Heaven-Bent/Revised Edition points the reader to God, and speaks into our storms; it is full of encouragement for those with heavy hearts, or for those who wish to gather resources for hard times in the future; it’s major premise is that just as we had no say in how we came into this world, we’re to leave our death in the hands of God.

Wind in My Wings, also for the war-weary, is a collection of teaching poems for anyone currently grieving or who can relate to deep grief. Endorsed by Joni Eareckson Tada, artist, author and quadriplegic, and by others, it stands as a testament to the process through which we all go when deep trouble strikes, and again, is full of encouragement to press on in this difficult life.

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